The Key to Taking Back Control

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The Choices We Make

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Foundations for Success


This option will suit people who for one reason or another cannot commit to individual coaching or who perhaps prefer the distance afforded by engaging with online content at their own pace and in their own time.

It will suit those willing to do a little bit of work on themselves, answering a few key questions relevant to the theme being explored, in order to really gain personal insight and start to integrate this learning into their lives, which is the only way real and lasting change occurs.

I will be developing online course content with some key coaching questions for you to consider on a variety of themes to help you get started on your journey of change. You can always complement this with in-person or online one-to-one coaching sessions when you are ready. 

If there is a particular theme or topic you would like to see covered, just contact me through the link below or by email. 


Themed workshops are tailored to the needs of your organization / clients / employees, drawing on a wide range of material developed over many years from a variety of sources.

I believe a keen understanding of the audience and the core issues affecting them now, is key to ensuring real engagement and more importantly, sustained impact and insight after the event.

Please make direct contact to discuss your needs and relevant themes and topics.

Delivery may take place on-site or online via Zoom.

Some comments from past programme participants

‘I start my day with a more positive attitude’. 

I am very motivated after the course’.

‘It gave me a positive outlook on my abilities, I’m much more energised and motivated’.

‘It made me re-evaluate what I actually want to achieve rather than just plodding along’.

‘It helped me see a way forward to accomplishing my goal’.

'It influenced me to step forward in life’. 

'It helped me to set goals that I am going to achieve’.

‘Informative, helpful and person orientated’.