"A Coach Helps People ‘Become Better Versions Of Themselves By Holding Space For Them To Solve Problems And Accomplish Goals".                                          Justin Rosenstein


The Coaching Process

Coaching is a collaborative process between the coach and client, designed to help you move from your ‘present situation’ towards a better ‘future situation’.

It is not counselling, therapy, information or advice, more a process of facilitating thinking and action.

This process helps you identify and clarify issues and goals in your life, work or career, and the steps to achieving your desired outcomes.

My coaching style focuses on increasing self-awareness so that you are empowered into the future. Using this approach, the outcomes of the coaching process will be more closely aligned with your individual values, priorities and preferences and will reflect a holistic and empowering approach to your life, work and career.

The Practicals

Coaching sessions last 60 - 90 minutes.

Sessions take place in-person in my home garden office, through Zoom video call or by phone, with many clients now recognising the added convenience of online coaching without the distance barrier.  

The timing or frequency of sessions is decided by you, the client. The number of sessions varies depending on the nature of the coaching and the person. The majority tend to range from just one, where someone merely needs help in clarifying their thinking or identifying blocks, to three or four sessions to work through and implement a process of change and develop clear plans. Others like to return over a period of time for support as they work through challenges and opportunities. 

CONTACT ME for further information or enquiries about available dates and times.
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