Very often, people choose a career or college course without any insight into the nature of their true personalities, interests, values, skills, passions and lifestyle preferences. This is evident in the number of young people who drop out of college in the first year.


It is also evident in the number of people who find themselves unhappy or dissatisfied in their jobs but who feel trapped, because the job is too ‘good’ or too ‘secure’ to leave, they believe ‘there’s nothing else out there’, or they feel the pressure of family and financial responsibilities.

The important thing to remember here is that change doesn’t have to happen overnight in radical, life challenging steps. You start by identifying what you do want, start taking concrete steps towards that vision, and over time, your life and work evolve to be what you want them to be.

In my career coaching, I help people ‘bring themselves’ into their career choices by exploring these core elements, using a range of assessment tools when and where they add value. The goal is for your career choices to be informed by clear insight into ‘who’ you are, with this clarity guiding your career direction now and into the future.

Individual Career Coaching sessions last 60-90 minutes, costing €75 per session.