Helping  you re/connect with who YOU are and what YOU want from your life, work and career . . . 

and maintain this connection as you navigate life's challenges.

'It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living'

Eckhart Tolle


My work over many years reflects my passion for empowering people to improve the quality of their lives through opportunities for personal growth, enhanced mental wellbeing and expanded life and career choices.

During this time, I developed many supports and programmes to meet the needs of those experiencing a wide range of personal and practical barriers to living successfully.

In recent years, I have returned to pursue my personal passion of working directly with individuals and groups through Life, Workplace and Career Coaching.

Many people associate coaching with dynamic goal setting and driving forward with major life ambitions. Coaching certainly can be this. But it is also a lot more. My experience is that before people know what they want to work towards, they very often have to identify what they don’t want, what is not working for them, what is creating problems or leaving them feeling ‘stuck’. This clarity frees them to focus instead on what they do want and what they can do to achieve it.

This is often the most enlightening and life-changing part of coaching. Simply by ‘hearing’ what is being said, how it is being said, the common themes, the expressions, the thinking and the feelings behind it, and reflecting these back, I help people see what they can’t see clearly for themselves. This is when the goal setting and achieving the life you want begins!

Choose Where You Put Your Focus


"My one session with Breda was a real turning point in my life. She helped me to see and believe that the answers I was looking for in terms of my career were already in front of my eyes. She gave me confidence in deciding to do what was right for me by taking charge of my own life and directing it in the way I knew I should. Breda listened and gave me space to logically sort through my thoughts which were whirring around my head. So simple yet so powerful. She has a real kindness about her which made it easy for me to open up. I am looking forward to working with Breda again. "