Coaching is often associated with dynamic goal setting and driving forward with major life ambitions. It certainly can be this. But in reality, most people come to me for life coaching because they feel 'stuck' in some aspect of their lives. It is often only when this block has been removed that they can set about creating the life they want.

As we all move through life juggling family, relationships, work and careers, unemployment and retirement, and often times personal or health challenges, it is easy to lose sight of ourselves and our own basic needs and wants.

Through life-coaching I work with clients to help them re/connect with who they are and what they really want in life, to uncover and address issues and blocks keeping them stuck, and help them transform their lives, step by step, into a place of greater alignment with their true selves. Developing greater self-awareness and self-belief is a key part of this process.

The tendency when we don't know what's 'wrong', is to focus on what we do know... what's making us unhappy. However, this can often develop into a loop of negative thinking with no end in sight. The key to breaking this cycle is to discover what you do want, and shift your focus in this new direction.

Core Needs Coaching helps you re-connect with what's important to you, what you value, what you want your life to be like rather than how it may have evolved. This allows you to take back control, take responsibility for the quality of your life, take steps and make changes to ensure your needs, your core needs are being met. This is when you start to wake up again in the morning excited about the day and the future ahead.