Coaching is often associated with dynamic goal setting and driving forward with major life ambitions. It certainly can be this. But in reality, most people come to me for life coaching because they feel 'stuck' in some aspect of their lives. It is often only when this block has been removed that they can set about creating the life they want.


Even in the best job or company, situations will occur which challenge us.  There may be relationship conflicts, work pressure and a feeling of overwhelm, a desire for change, or perhaps change is occurring and this is uncomfortable. Sometimes we've lost sight of the importance of a healthy balance between work and life. Other times, life itself is impacting work.


Very often, people choose a career or college course without any insight into the nature of their true personalities, interests,   values, skills, passions and lifestyle preferences. This is evident in the number of people who find themselves dissatisfied in their work and the number of young people who drop out of college in the first year.