We usually spend more time at work than at any other waking activity. It makes sense to ensure that it gives you what you need, adds value to your life, rather than takes from it.

There are multiple reasons people feel challenged or frustrated at work, whether it is a mismatch between the work and the person, the work environment, lack of opportunity for growth, relationship conflicts, the pace, pressure and responsibility of work, or very often, the pressure people put on themselves.

Most of the time, people focus on all the external ‘things’ that are ‘causing’ the problem, but in reality, the solution is always an internal one. It’s just that we very often need help in seeing and understanding exactly what core need, value or belief is being challenged, and why. Sometimes, issues go back to our self-limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities, issues of self-esteem that may be holding us back in many areas of life. Other times, we’ve lost sight of the need for a healthy balance between work and life, where the pleasures we get outside of work give us much needed perspective.

Once you recognize and understand the core issues at play, this is when you realize you have full control and can take personal responsibility for your life and work. Events and situations will occur, but you always choose how you respond. It’s about learning to choose the response that works best for you with the increased self-awareness and insight you now have.

Workplace issues left to linger can result in loss of confidence, lack of passion or interest in work or career direction, anger and frustration when values are being quashed, growing conflicts, high stress levels, regular absences from work and ill health, both physical and mental.

All of these affect you, your health, your family and your life. If any of these are having a negative impact on you, Core Needs Coaching can help you gain the clarity you need to move forward positively.


The number of sessions is dictated by the client and their needs and goals.

Most find that 1-3 sessions give them the insight and clarity they need to move forward.

Others may like continued support as they implement changes over a period of time. It can take time and practice to break habits and responses of a lifetime.


Workplace Coaching is tailored to meet needs of individual client companies seeking coaching support for employees / staff.

Coaching for company employees may be limited to workplace matters or encompass life and career elements as appropriate.

Please make contact directly for further information and to discuss the process.