Self-Awareness → The Key to Taking Back Control

  • The Wheel of Life - Where and How are you Now?
  • Values in Life - Who are You?
  • Self-Awareness - Our Perceptions of ‘Things’ and the Reality We Create
  • Thoughts & Behaviours – Feelings, Re/Actions and the Thoughts behind Them
  • Self-Belief and Overcoming Limitations of the Sub-Conscious Mind
  • Self-Esteem and Building Confidence
  • Changing Habits - the Four Stages of Learning
  • Comfort Zones and Change - Taking Risks and Action Steps
  • Constructive Worrying - Productive Thinking!
  • Developing Habits of Positive Self-talk, Attitude and Focus
  • Emotional Intelligence and Constructive Communication
  • The Power of Presence
  • Goal setting, Planning, Action!